Month: May, 2013

fabulous friday favs… brianna’s poppy seed dressing Image

fabulous friday favs… brianna’s poppy seed dressing

May 31, 2013

Time for a friday favorite!  I missed last week because I was in Cincinnati with my friend.  It was her mom’s 80th birthday and we took her to stay with her friend.  They have been friends for 75 years.  75.  That is so amazingly wonderful.  They had pictures of them when they were baton twirlers together ~ there were 4 of them all together and 3 of them were able to get together for lunch last weekend.  What a precious gift.

So, back to the more meaningless part of the post ;).  I discovered this dressing a couple of months ago and it is so fantastic.  They carry it at our Target, but I have also seen it at Whole Foods and other grocery stores.  This dressing actually made me think of my mom because she would have LOVED this dressing!  I don’t eat it on peaches as it suggests (and the reason for the for the picture of peaches on the front, which was kind of misleading for me at first ~ does the dressing have peaches in it?  nope.), but it is just so dern good on a pile of spring baby greens with some sunflower seeds.  All natural ingredients baby!  It does have some fat and calories in it, so I use it sparingly, but just a little gives an incredible amount of flavor, and since there aren’t any crazy preservatives or other garbage in it, a little good fat and calories are a-ok in my book.
briannas dressing

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mary ~ class of 2013 {downers grove high school senior photographer} Image

mary ~ class of 2013 {downers grove high school senior photographer}

May 30, 2013

I had so much fun meeting Mary and her mom.  Meeting seniors is one of my favorite parts of what I do.  Maybe its just because its so fun laughing and chatting with them.  Or maybe its because it just reminds me of my high school years.  But probably just because they have all just been such great people and I just love hanging out with them and their family.  Mary, you are stunning and I hope your senior year has been all you dreamed it would be and best of luck to all your future dreams!!

high school senior lrbt 1

high school senior lrbt 2

high school senior lrbt 3

high school senior lrbt 4

high school senior lrbt 5

high school senior lrbt 6

high school senior lrbt 7


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fabulous friday favs… trader joe’s raisin rosemary crisps Image

fabulous friday favs… trader joe’s raisin rosemary crisps

May 17, 2013

I think I’m going to start doing some Friday posts about some of my favorite things.  Just for fun.  They will probably mostly be about food, because I guess eating is one of the most exciting things I do in my life or something.  If you like food like I do, you may want to check in from time to time to see if I’ve tasted something that you’ve never had, because you may just need to eat it.  Or drink it.  So here’s the first one, and so of course I will start with something yummy!  My friend, Sue, introduced me to these at Christmas time.  They are best with aged white cheddar, which can also be found at Trader Joe’s, but I save that for special occasions.  I used to save the crackers for special occasions, too, but every time I went to Trader Joe’s and walked past these delicious, sweet, crispy things, they called out to me until I finally gave in.  I have been dipping them in garlic roasted hummus.  Fabulous.  And I finished this box all by myself in 2 days.

friday favorite crackers lrbt

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class of 2014!  it’s your time! {downers grove high school senior photographer} Image

class of 2014! it’s your time! {downers grove high school senior photographer}

May 7, 2013

I am booking senior sessions for the class of 2014!  Summer is an excellent time to do your senior session while it is all nice and warm and trees are green and you have a few extra moments to spare before your super fun, exciting senior year kicks in!!  Send me a message or e-mail me at to receive a high school senior information packet!

high school senior 2 blog

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